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Ancient Kingdom

By Alchemy Studio - Matteo Bosi, $15.00

Fantasy music composed for "sword and sorcery" games.

You get menu music, background music, a battle-oriented theme and some short "cuts" or descriptive music. The cuts are 10-20 seconds long and for instance be used for character descriptions in game menus or for some game episodes.

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Demo on soundcloud.

01 - Ironknight: Music suited for menus (0:58)
02 - A journey through the enchanted forest: background music (4:41)
03 - Battle on the hill: A battle theme (1:33)

"Short cuts": short pieces useful for musical description of characters or situation through the game.

Brass section (0:19)
Choir 1 (0:18)
Choir 2 (0:10)
Death (0:18)
Flute (0.18)
Harp 1 (0:20)
Harp 2 (0:13)
Mystery (0:17)
Organ 1 (0:11)
Organ 2 (0:24)
Organ and choir (0:13)

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Requires Unity 3.4 or higher. Update now.