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Virtual Controls Suite

By Bit By Bit Studios, $45.00

Virtual Controls Suite is a complete virtual control solution for touchscreen devices.

Offer your players the best controls

By using Virtual Controls Suite, your game will have the very best feeling controls with little effort on your part. We obsessed over creating the most responsive and solid feeling touch controls for our games and then packaged them into this suite.

Included components
- Multitouch Manager
- Analog Joystick
- D Pad
- Face Buttons
- Debug Keypress Mode
and more!

Now includes converted versions of Unity's CharacterController and Standard Assets (Mobile) Asset Packages. These are full control setups and movement controllers that can serve as frameworks for any game type.
- First Person
- 3rd Person Camera Relative
- 3rd Person Player Relative
- Sidescroll Controller
- Twin Stick Shoot-em-up

Each control has a range of options and supports Unity's GUITextures format + popular UI toolkits NGUI and EZGUI right out of the box + Playmaker support.

Written by industry pros in clean and well documented C#. Optimized to have minimal CPU and memory impact on both iOS and Android devices.

We work full time developing and supporting our products. Buy confidently knowing we're in reach via email, online chat, and forums.

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Requires Unity 4.0 or higher. Update now.