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Shade 3D Loader

By e frontier, Inc., Free

This tool provides auto conversion to FBX format when Shade 3D scene files (.shd) are added to a Unity project.
The converted FBX file can be update automatically at the same time when Shade 3D scene file is updated in Shade. This behavior treats Shade 3D scene files as native files within Unity.
For the FBX conversion process to work, Shade 3D for Unity or the purchase version of Shade 13 or above must be installed on your computer.
Shade 3D for Unity can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.

Download Shade 3D for Unity:
  - Shade 3D for Unity (Mac App Store)
About Shade 3D:
  - Shade 3D News (http://www.shadenews.com)
  - Shade 3D facebook
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Requires Unity 3.5 or higher. Update now.