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By Mixed Dimensions, $45.00

IMPORTANT NEWS: Check this post to know what's new and the future of GameDraw!

Create. Edit, Optimize & even export geometry from within Unity
A professional but easy to use modeling, texturing, optimization & level creation tool that is part of your sceneview, leverage an IDE designed to make your process seamless & powerful whether it is polygonal modeling or CSG\BSP. Enjoy great features like boolean, extrude, smooth, slice, polygon reduction and a ton more giving you the ability to do everything from (vertex, edge, triangle, quad) manipulation to sculpting and get access to a huge library of amazing assets that you can use with your games, even commercial ones!

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Compatible with both 3.5.x and 4.x

New! Quads support and compatibility with other packages such as Mouse3D.

Open Asset Store

Requires Unity 4.1 or higher. Update now.