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BlackBerry Unified API

By Reign-Studios, $35.00

Full Source Code Included!
Unity 5 ready!
Event driven!
No long waits for upcoming versions with the built in updater.

The Reign BlackBerry Unified API is a cross-platform, unified API for the Unity game engine. The plugin supports a number of useful features

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting something to work, PLEASE ask on the “Reign-Forums” or email support before giving a negative review! This plugin is actively maintained!

• Editor testing.
Ads: BB10 and MM.
IAP: BB10.
• Native Ok/Cancel Message Boxes.
• Email feedback request.
• Invoke store page for review.
• Save/Load/Delete data files.
• Save/Load Image files to your pictures folder.
• Save SnapShot to Pictures in one easy call.
• Native Image/Photo Picker.
• Native Camera Picker.
• Social Image / Text Sharing.
• Reign-Scores Leaderboards / Achievements
• Silverlight ImageTools ported for image processing.
• SharpZipLib ported to be compatible with all platforms.
• InputEx for handling Input oddities and managing layouts.
• Check out our website for latest features.

Be Productive
We aim to bring a platform-agnostic approach to the API design. You only need to write code once without the need for so many compiler directives, which makes bringing your game to new platforms a snap!

More Info
Visit the Reign-Studios Website for documentation and important information.
Please ask question on the Reign Forums or email support at: support@reign-studios.com
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Requires Unity 4.6 or higher. Update now.