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Unified Native Android API

By Reign-Studios, $45.00

This API unifies all its features for a clean agnostic approach when used with other Reign plugins.

- Ads: (AdMob)
- IAP: (GooglePlay and Amazon!)
- Interstitial Ads: (AdMob)
- Native Ok/Cancel MessageBoxes.
- Email feedback request.
- Invoke store page for review.
- Save/Load/Delete data files.
- Save/Load Image files to your pictures folder.
- Save SnapShot to Pictures in one easy call.
- Load Images via Image Picker.
- More features will be added later.

With the Android Unity plugin, you can quickly and easily incorporate ads, in-app purchases, read and write local game data files, load and save images to the pictures folder, request the user select an image, show message boxes or prompt the user for feedback email.

We aim to bring a platform agnostic approach, so you only have to code once without the need of compiler directives.

Please visit http://www.reign-studios.net/products/ for documentation and important information.

Open Asset Store

Requires Unity 4.3 or higher. Update now.