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Win8/WP8 Unified Plugin

By Reign-Studios, $45.00

Source Code Included!

The Reign Win8/WP8 Unity Plugin is a cross-platform, unified API for the Unity game engine. The plugin supports a number of useful features which allow you to easily..

- Use the Editor to test before building to native device.
- Win8 Privacy Policy setup (To help pass WACK).
- Microsoft and AdMob Banner Ads.
- AdMob Interstitial Ads.
- IAP for Microsoft Store (Auto keeps track of purchases locally).
- Native Ok/Cancel MessageBoxes.
- Email feedback request.
- Invoke native store page for review.
- Save/Load data files.
- Save/Load Image files to your pictures folder.
- Save SnapShot to Pictures in one easy call.
- Load Images via Image Picker.
- Save File Picker (Win8 only).
- Reign-Scores Leaderboards / Achievements (Coming Soon!)

We aim to bring a platform-agnostic approach to the API design. You only need to write code once without the need for so many compiler directives, which makes bringing your game to new platforms a snap!

Please visit http://www.reign-studios.net/ for documentation and important information.

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Requires Unity 4.6 or higher. Update now.