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SilverLining Skies & 3D Clouds

By Sundog Software LLC, $100.00

Add physically based procedural skies and real 3D volumetric clouds you can fly through to your scenes in under a minute. SilverLining for Unity brings you the most popular features of the SilverLining C++ SDK, used extensively in commercial games and serious simulations, at a fraction of the price. Add real, physically-based dynamic skies to your project!

Specify any time of day, date, location, and cloud conditions, and SilverLining does the rest automatically. Framerates of 250 FPS on PC and 60 FPS on iPhone observed with volumetric cumulus cloud layers.

Check out our trailer video, web player demo and tutorial video to see SilverLining for Unity in action!
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Requires Unity 4.2 or higher. Update now.