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Triton Ocean & 3D Water

By Sundog Software LLC, $475.00

GPGPU Water for Unity 4.x Pro & Unity 5 / Windows & MacOS
Triton simulates thousands of FFT-powered 3D waves at once, using CUDA or OpenCL. Specify any wind conditions, and Triton automatically creates infinite oceans with waves, particle-based spray, refractions, reflections, decals, and foam effects. Triton is even used by the US Navy. Intersection tests, buoyancy, ship wakes, rotor wash, and impact effects with 3D displacements are also included.

For More Information
Visit the Triton 3D Water for Unity forum discussion for details. It's important to us that you try before you buy.

More to Explore
We have a demo video, tutorial video, and another demo video. Contact us at support@sundog-soft.com.

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Requires Unity 4.6 or higher. Update now.