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Mobile car collection

By VIS Games, $10.00

This is the mobile-version of our car-collection.
The collection contains 18 different low-poly cars.

All car-meshes are using only 1 material. The main car body can be colored by the user using a simple script. A special shader for the main-color change is also included.

To use them, just drag the prefab into your scene and just the "Car-Color-Script" to change to color of your car.

The script is used for the reason, to put one and the same car more than one time into your scene and give them all different colors without adding new materials.

All wheels are single objects parented to the cars to make it easy to animate them or use them with physic-setups.

Just open the example scene for a simple preview.
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Requires Unity 3.5 or higher. Update now.