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Model Viewer

By Zoltan Erdokovy, $10.00

Model Viewer helps to showcase art assets: It provides customizable environment lighting, adds an orbiting camera an optional floors.

[ Features ]
- Image based environment lighting even with the free version of Unity.

- Seven environments with adjustable lighting conditions.

- An orbiting camera with constraints.

[ Limitations ]
Only static environment lights are created at this time. This means that you need to use directional lightmaps (a Unity Pro feature) if you want normal maps to be affected by the environment. Of course you can place dynamic lights manually to supplement the generated ones.

[ Usage ]
- Place the showcased artwork at the origin.
- Add the plugin to the project.
- Click on "Model Viewer Setup" in the "Window" menu.
- Adjust the model viewer's options.
- Bake lightmaps.
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Requires Unity 3.5 or higher. Update now.