Profi Developers


About us
We are an independent studio of experienced game developers. Most of our team began developing games during the mid nineties. Until now, the overwhelming majority of our colleagues was gathering experience in developing AAA category games. At present, however, our focus is primarily on assisting other game developers.
Our solution services and assets
We endeavour to assist “indie” and small scale developers with asset development. Equally, we are prepared to help with individual, tailor made game developments.
During its long period of developing city as well as natural environments, our team was able to create highly specialized skills. For these reasons, we are pleased to offer you the creation either parts of or entire cities for your game projects.
Consulting services
We will be happy to help you with your project. Consulting services cover a whole range from process management over strategies of creating graphic contents through to data management etc.

Open Asset Store

Unity 3.2 Required. Update now.