Unity Asset Store newest packages http://www.unity3d.com/ The newest packages in the Unity Asset Store. en-us Unity Technologies Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:41:04 -0000 60 Unity http://download.unity3d.com/images/news/unity-logo.png http://www.unity3d.com/ Male Doctor by Nemo Nemo Game http://u3d.as/2V9o <a href="http://u3d.as/2V9o"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/1b507449-3f00-4160-8e09-e3077244a1e0.png" /></a><strong>Male Doctor</strong><p >This is a male doctor model, it contains 5 common character animations.</p></br><p ><strong>Support URP, HDRP, LWRP, Build-in Render Pipeline</strong></p><p ><strong>My project is submitted using URP. If you are not using URP, you need to manually reset the shader of the model to avoid it being pink.</strong></p></br><p ><strong>Main Features:</strong></p><p >1. 1 role, 1 prefab.</p><p >2. Support multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, IOS, etc.</p><p >3. There is a demo scene in the package to show the model.</p><p >4. Texture resolution: 2048*2048.</p><p >5. Texture format: PNG .</p><p >6. Vertices: 4600. Trigngles: 9100.</p><p >7. Contains color map, normal map, roughtness map.</p><p >8. Contains 5 animations.</p></br><p ><strong>Contact Us</strong></p><p >If you want more beautiful models, please feel free to contact us.</p><p >E-mail: nemonemogame@163.com</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $15.00</strong></span> 3D Models/Characters 232858 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:39:13 -0000 2dCharacterBoar by Hello world Studio http://u3d.as/2ULL <a href="http://u3d.as/2ULL"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/7b637616-94b8-415e-9572-b6e88e57a5d4.png" /></a><p >Hello guys,</p><p >In this package, we have ten attractive and beautiful characters from boar (PSB),</p><p >which includes idle animation.</p><p >Size(1024*1024);</p><p >And they are all ready to be animated.</p></br><p >Ten attractive and beautiful characters:</p><p >Police,</p><p >Executioner,</p><p >Gladiator,</p><p >Pirate,</p><p >Murderer,</p><p >Indian,</p><p >Gangster,</p><p >FireMan,</p><p >Chef,</p><p >Primitive</p></br><p >include dependencies:</p><p >2D Animation</p><p >2D PSD Importer</p></br><p >Support by gb.zend@gmail.com</p><p >omiStudio</p></br><p >Cheers</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $4.99</strong></span> Textures & Materials/2D Characters 231958 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:12:14 -0000 Trajectory Calculation Pack 3D/2D by Creator's Toolbox http://u3d.as/2V49 <a href="http://u3d.as/2V49"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/8bfad186-3cf2-4584-9eb5-72a30c5cf042.png" /></a>This easy-to-use pack will help you quickly and efficiently precalculate and draw trajectories of objects (both static and moving) that are about to be pushed of various sizes/masses/shapes/drags.<p >Key features of the asset:</p><ul><li >Supports <strong>3D/2D</strong></li><li >Functionality comes in two forms: through <strong>easily-adjustable</strong> <strong>included components</strong> and <strong>static methods</strong> that can be <strong>called anywhere </strong>in your code.</li><li >Calculation works with <strong>any direction and force</strong>.</li><li >Two <strong>preview scenes</strong> are included to get you acquainted with the functionality.</li><li >Calculations are made <strong>with respect to drag</strong>, whose functionality is implemented in a custom included component and mirrors Unity's built-in drag.</li><li >A <strong>wide range of overloads</strong> that will let you calculate trajectory of <strong>static objects </strong>and <strong>objects in motion</strong> (as shown in clips), <strong>detect obstacles</strong>, <strong>mark landing spots</strong> with custom sprites and precalculate the <strong>exact flight time </strong>or simply <strong>get the list of trajectory points </strong>for your own purposes<strong> etc</strong>.</li><li ><strong>Instructions are all included</strong> in a README file, though you can always contact me should any questions arise.</li><li >Please note that pack only supports ForceMode.Impulse;</li></ul><p >Package's functionality can be used in both 2D and 3D games.</p><p >Provide a static method with all the necessary data - and it's good to go. It's all that simple.</p><p >Alternatively you can also adjust an included component in Edit mode and easily control it with a few simple commands.</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $5.00</strong></span> Scripting/Physics 232663 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:04:14 -0000 Orchestral RPG/Adventure Music Pack I by Francesco Fabrizio http://u3d.as/2UFz <a href="http://u3d.as/2UFz"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/3dcab30b-c3c3-46db-858f-1ca153345883.png" /></a><p >Inside the Pack you will find <strong>6 tracks </strong>with <strong>Full Orchestra</strong> in <strong>WAV </strong>and <strong>MP3 </strong>format in two versions, a<strong> Loopable</strong> one and one with the tail end. Keep in mind that in the Loopable version there is a short tail, that's intended. The tracks, being orchestral, needs to breathe and then loop, it is done to make it sound good :).<br>You can listen to the <em>demo </em>on youtube.</p><p >This is the first <strong>Full Ensemble Orchestral</strong> Music Pack for <strong>RPG </strong>and <strong>Adventure </strong>Games by Francesco Fabrizio.</p><p >Inspired by the latest Open-world games' soundtracks, be ready with your sword and green cap ;)</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $25.00</strong></span> Audio/Music/Orchestral 231748 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:00:21 -0000 8-Bit RPG/Adventure Music Pack I by Francesco Fabrizio http://u3d.as/2Uf0 <a href="http://u3d.as/2Uf0"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/1ff89f61-3b03-4787-9c5e-74a91aae48a3.png" /></a><p >Inside the Pack you will find <strong>10 tracks</strong> WAV in and MP3 format, with most of them in two versions, a<strong> Loopable</strong> one and one with the tail end. A few ones are already considered to be loopable AND with tail end.</p><p >This is the first <strong>8-Bit Music Pack </strong>for <strong>RPG </strong>and <strong>Adventure Games</strong> by Francesco Fabrizio.</p><p >All 10 Tracks are available for download for<strong> free</strong> and ready to be used.</p></br><p ><strong>You can use any of the tracks for any personal and/or commercial project.</strong></p></br><p >If you have any questions you can write a comment down below or contact me at: info@francescofabrizio.com</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $0.00</strong></span> Audio/Music 230766 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:00:19 -0000 8-Bit Battle Bundle vol. 2 by Past 2 Present Game Audio http://u3d.as/2Uya <a href="http://u3d.as/2Uya"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/5e95a487-ec57-4f30-bddd-e591d0cfe63c.png" /></a>25 High-Quality loops with an emphasis on rhythm & authentic retro sound design. All tracks are produced with the highest quality retro game music softwares to help optimize the player experience!<p >25 loopable and original. WAV tracks (44.1 kHz and 16-Bit Sample Rate, Stereo)</p><p ><strong>Unlimited</strong> Royalty-Free License</p><p >This music bundle contains 5 volumes of our smaller packs totaling 25 original tracks. All tracks are composed and produced using the highest quality retro music softwares to make our sound truly stand out. We are a team of two, devoted to the music of retro game consoles, and hope to bring this incredible sound to you or your team's project!</p></br><p ><strong>TRACKLIST</strong> <em>(.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)</em></p><ul><li >Fantasy Zero Phase 3</li><li >Find Your Answers</li><li >Glorious Battle Fury</li><li >Rival Thinks He Can Battle!</li><li >Underground Battle Phase 1</li><li >Fantasy Zero Phase 2</li><li >In The Fighting Spirit</li><li >Let’s Just Battle!</li><li >Of The Ages</li><li >Stay Grounded</li><li >A Spell Knight’s Quarrel</li><li >Battle Of Light</li><li >Royal Showdown</li><li >Shadow Sun</li><li >Underground Battle Phase 2</li><li >Inventor Showdown</li><li >Mighty Mech Space Brawlers Are Back</li><li >Stadium</li><li >Tears Of Dust</li><li >We Can Do This</li><li >Great Forest Vegetables</li><li >It’s Go Time</li><li >Lazy Villains</li><li >The Fears We Face</li><li >Trials And Tribulations</li></ul><p ><strong>===================</strong></p><p ><strong>DISCOUNTED UPGRADE!</strong></p><p ><strong>===================</strong></p><p >This music pack is part of our</p><p ><strong><em>***8-Bit Battle Complete Bundle </em></strong><strong> &amp; </strong><strong><em>8-Bit Ultimate Pack***</em></strong></p></br><p >As an owner of this pack, you receive a sizeable discount if you decide a larger pack is for you or your team!</p></br><p ><em>***$10 upgrade to 8-Bit Battle Complete Bundle ***</em></p><p ><em>***$40 upgrade to 8-Bit Ultimate Pack***</em></p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $29.99</strong></span> Audio/Music 231464 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 12:55:15 -0000 8-Bit Cute Themes Vol. 3 by Past 2 Present Game Audio http://u3d.as/2Ucf <a href="http://u3d.as/2Ucf"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/96582e39-4e17-4f46-abd9-0d7b2ef51b81.png" /></a>Five high-quality loops with an emphasis on authentic retro sound design. See if our music works for you, and enjoy a discounted upgrade to our bundles ranging from 35 to 300 tracks for large projects<p >5 loopable and original. WAV tracks (44.1 kHz and 16-Bit Sample Rate, Stereo)</p></br><p ><strong>Unlimited</strong> Royalty-Free License</p><p >This music pack contains 5 loopable tracks using high-quality retro console music software. We pride ourselves on authentic sound design and attention to detail to optimize the player experience!</p></br><p ><strong>TRACKLIST</strong> <em>(.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)</em></p><ul><li >A New Storefront</li><li >Esper Town Cafe</li><li >Itemize</li><li >Nova Cafe</li><li >Upstairs Shopping</li></ul><p ><strong>===================</strong></p><p ><strong>DISCOUNTED UPGRADE!</strong></p><p ><strong>===================</strong></p><p >This music pack is part of our Complete Battle Theme Bundle.</p><p >As an owner of this pack, you receive an automatic discount for upgrading!</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $15.00</strong></span> Audio/Music 230655 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 12:55:14 -0000 MEDIEVAL GAME SOUNDS by Wes Sound Products http://u3d.as/2LNT <a href="http://u3d.as/2LNT"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/eb168bac-5316-40a2-8a0a-1f3c2c8b7498.png" /></a>200 Medieval themed game sound and ambient effects.<p ><strong>Audio file types : .wav</strong></p><p ><strong>Sample rate: 44.1k</strong></p><p ><strong>Bit depth : 16 bit</strong></p><p ><strong>Loopable: YES</strong></p><p ><strong>Additional: Stereo</strong></p><p >This package includes 200 exclusive medieval sound effects such as ambient loops, footstep sounds, horse sounds, war and fight sounds, etc.</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $9.99</strong></span> Audio/Sound FX 214731 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 12:46:12 -0000 Deadly Dungeons - Dungeon Bundle by Runemark Studio http://u3d.as/2Vc7 <a href="http://u3d.as/2Vc7"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/3b134211-827c-4c79-a87b-775ef0b70c74.png" /></a>Deadly Dungeons - Dungeon Bundle is a collection of thematical dungeon kits that contains both generic and symbolic elements to help you tell your game's story.​<ul><li ><strong>Average Polycount: </strong>3808 (min: 220 max: 16460)</li><li ><strong>Texture format:</strong> PNG</li><li ><strong>Texture Resolution:</strong> 2048x2048, 1024x1024</li><li ><strong>LOD:</strong> 3 stages (100%, 50%, 5%)</li><li ><strong>Colliders: </strong>Box and unique mesh.</li></ul><p >Deadly Dungeons - Dungeon Bundle is a collection of thematical dungeon kits that contains both generic and symbolic elements to help you tell your game's story.​</p></br><p ><strong>Bundle includes</strong></p><ul><li ><a href="https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/dungeons/deadly-dungeon-infernal-186877" target="_blank"><strong>Infernal:</strong></a> with this hell-themed dungeon asset, you can create a diablo-like atmosphere.</li><li ><a href="https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/historic/deadly-dungeon-mayan-ruins-210957" target="_blank"><strong>Mayan Ruins: </strong></a>with this kit, you can create mystical ruins of Mayan, Aztec, or similar ancient civilizations.</li></ul></br><p >After you buy this bundle, please visit each package website from the list and grab them for free.</p></br><p >⚔️<strong>HIGHLIGHTS</strong>⚔️</p><ul><li >Symbolic pieces to tell your story</li><li >Free blueprints</li><li >Modular workflow with 160+ prefabs</li><li >Asset recommendations</li><li >Works with Built-In, URP, HDRP</li></ul></br><p ><strong>Manually tested in the following Unity Versions</strong></p><p >2020 LTS and 2021.2.5f1 versions, both in Built-In, URP, and HDRP.</p></br><p ><strong>⚔️ PERFECT FOR ⚔️</strong></p><p >Perfect for any game genre, including:</p><ul><li >FPS games</li><li >Third Person games</li><li >Top-Down games</li><li >Adventure</li><li >RPGs</li><li >Rogue-like</li><li >Souls-like</li><li >Survival games</li><li >Fantasy games</li></ul></br><p ><strong>⚔️ USEFUL LINKS ⚔️</strong></p><ul><li ><a href="https://forum.unity.com/threads/deadly-dungeons.1225944/" target="_blank">Forum</a></li><li ><a href="https://runemarkstudio.com/contacts/" target="_blank">Support</a></li><li ><a href="https://discord.gg/KcRrrec" target="_blank">Community</a></li></ul></br><p ><strong>⚔️ COMMUNITY ⚔️</strong></p><p >Join in on the discussion on Discord for support and answers to the most common questions.</p><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $74.00</strong></span> 3D Models/Environments/Dungeons 232965 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 12:34:16 -0000 Deadly Dungeons - Traps Bundle by Runemark Studio http://u3d.as/2V3m <a href="http://u3d.as/2V3m"><img vspace="4" border="1" hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="//assetstorev1-prd-cdn.unity3d.com/key-image/2c8fff13-b808-442f-916f-54fde4f32cf5.png" /></a>Deadly Dungeons Traps Bundle contains two realistic-looking all-in-one packages. Each includes all you need to set up your traps: 3D models, animations, audio and visual effects, and scripts.<p >Deadly Dungeon Traps Bundle contains two realistic-looking all-in-one packages. Setting up is very easy and works just right out of the box. The assets are highly customizable, support a modular workflow, and easily integrate with your system.</p></br><p >⚔️ <a href="http://traps.runemarkstudio.com/" target="_blank"><strong>Website</strong></a><strong>:</strong> Learn more about Deadly Dungeon Traps.</p><p >⚔️ <a href="http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHfqBAyqf09IiT3MQx8_ZtEzmsHjgxyf7" target="_blank"><strong>Video Guides</strong></a><strong>:</strong> Get started quickly.</p><p >⚔️ <a href="http://runemarkstudio.com/contact-us/?utm_source=dungeontraps&utm_medium=unity_asset_store" target="_blank"><strong>Support</strong></a><strong>:</strong> Submit any question.</p></br><p ><strong>Bundle Includes</strong></p><ul><li ><a href="https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/dungeons/deadly-dungeon-traps-152718" target="_blank"><strong>Deadly Dungeon - Traps:</strong></a> a fantasy-themed box of deadly surprises</li><li ><a href="https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/tools/deadly-dungeons-modern-traps-195161" target="_blank"><strong>Deadly Dungeon - Modern Traps:</strong></a> building blocks for modern kill boxes.</li></ul><p >After you buy this bundle, please visit each package website from the list and grab them for free.</p></br></br><p >⚔️<strong>HIGHLIGHTS</strong>⚔️</p><p >- All-In-One package</p><p >- Modular Workflow with 100+ prefabs</p><p >- 80+ pre-built traps for a quick start</p><p >- 30+ particles</p><p >- 40+ sound effects</p><p >- Procedural animations</p><p >- Integrated Damage System</p><p >- Built-in Visual &amp; Audio effect handling</p><p >- Full Source Code</p></br><p ><strong>All-In-One package</strong></p><p >We provide you with everything you need to populate your game with the meanest traps: 3D Models, audio, procedural animations, and scripts.</p></br><p ><strong>Procedural Animations</strong></p><p >With procedural animations, we can provide you with much more control and customization than we would in the case of keyframe animation. You can change many different parameters from the inspector. Check the <a href="http://traps.runemarkstudio.com/traps/introduction" target="_blank">online documentation</a> for more information.</p></br><p ><strong>Components &amp; Scripts</strong></p><p >We cover a wide range of functionality with the included components and scripts: from triggering the traps and controlling player interactions through handling VFX and SFX to a simple yet extendable damage system.</p></br><p ><strong>Sound Effects</strong></p><p >We added 20+ sound effects for the pre-built traps to make this asset even more complete.</p></br><p ><strong>Manually tested in the following Unity Versions</strong></p><p >2019 LTS, 2020.1.6.</p><p >Included HDRP and URP support packages.</p></br><p >⚔️<strong>PERFECT FOR</strong>⚔️</p><p >Perfect for any game genre, including:</p><p >- Adventure</p><p >- RPGs</p><p >- Rogue-like</p><p >- Souls-like</p><p >- Survival games</p><p >- Fantasy or Steampunk games</p></br><p >⚔️<strong>USEFUL LINKS</strong>⚔️</p><p >- <a href="http://traps.runemarkstudio.com/traps/introduction" target="_blank">Documentation (updated for version 1.2)</a></p><p >- <a href="https://forum.unity.com/threads/deadly-dungeon-traps.693637/" target="_blank">Forum</a></p><p >- <a href="https://runemarkstudio.com/unity-assets/deadly-dungeon-traps/?utm_source=dungeontraps&utm_medium=unity_asset_store" target="_blank">Website</a></p><p >- <a href="http://runemarkstudio.com/contact-us/?utm_source=dungeontraps&utm_medium=unity_asset_store" target="_blank">Support</a></p><p >- <a href="https://discord.gg/KcRrrec" target="_blank">Community</a></p></br><p ><strong>⚔️COMMUNITY ⚔️</strong></p><p >Join in on the discussion on Discord for support and answers to the most common questions.</p></br><br/><span class="price"><strong>Price $90.00</strong></span> 3D Models/Environments/Dungeons 232635 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 12:34:15 -0000